Wandering and Pretty Damn Lost

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T h e  W a l k i n g  D i s n e y







Damn Mulan.. Guess training to defeat the Huns turned out to be a good lifeplan

This is perfect

Why does Mulan, a Chinese character, have a Japanese sword and spaulder? This would have been so easy to get right.

And what is with most of the girls and their completely useless clothing. You’re fighting ZOMBIES. Whose ultimate goal is to EAT YOUR INSIDES. WHY WOULD THEY NOT HAVE CLOTHES THAT COVER THEM UP. WHY.

Also there’s no way in hell Milo would ever hold a gun. He’d be the one that’s keeping notes on kinds of zombies and their different strengths and weaknesses.

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girl scouts are letting in trans girls and letting girls replace God with whatever they want in the pledge, also they use cookie income to support abortion and LGBT agendas

boy scouts are just now allowing gay scouts in, officially in january, but gay leaders are still banned and they’re talking about segregation on camping trips, with gay scouts and straight scouts in different tents. also they still ban atheists,

girl scouts: 10000   boy scouts: 0

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